Tim Bray Theatre Company launches Sensory Relaxed Performances for Children eBook

“In early 2019, a young autistic boy struggled with the volume during one of our shows. He lingered in the doorway of the theatre, wanting to be connect with the show but finding the sensory overload to be difficult. This boy’s experience started us on the journey to develop our unique sensory relaxed performances.

As an autistic person myself, the process of writing this Sensory Relaxed Performances handbook has given me a lot of joy knowing we’re growing a love of theatre among children who previously might not have felt welcomed in this space. We’ve seen so many children attending their very first theatre performances because they finally had access with their families to an inclusive experience.” Katie Querin, Company Stage Manager / Access and Inclusion Support, Tim Bray Theatre Company.

A sensory relaxed performance creates a less formal, supportive atmosphere in the theatre. The show softens some technical elements and offers support materials to enable neurodivergent children and their family with sensory, movement, communication, and learning needs to enjoy a comfortable and inclusive theatre experience.

Tim Bray Theatre Company has just launched an eBook “Sensory Relaxed Performances for Children”. This is a record of their unique processes and learnings as they have grown and developed sensory relaxed shows over four years, in close collaboration with the community.

Link to find out more about the Sensory Relaxed Performance Handbook resource

To find out more, or to download a copy, head to: https://timbray.org.nz/sensory-relaxed- performance-handbook/

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