Fun activities for kids

It’s marvellously inspiring to watch children explore and create.

To celebrate our upcoming live kids shows, we’ve organised some fun activities for kids and their caregivers to get involved with.


Colouring competition

Our latest colouring competition is now closed. Thank-you to all the entrants, we loved seeing your creativity.

Winners will be contacted and announced shortly.

Previous Winners


The Magic Faraway Tree colouring competition

Congratulations to all of our competition winners and well done to every single entrant. 

The winners in each age group were:

  • Ages 3-5 years: Harlow, Emily and Micah. Honourable mentions go to: Mila, Miriam and Chico
  • Ages 6-8 years: Jovi, Arina and Winnie. Honourable mentions go to: Stella, Everly and Eden
  • Ages 8+ years: Pearl, Sorchia and Lily. Honourable mentions go to: Hannah, Amber and Alice


Keep colouring!

Make your world more colourful with our printable colouring pages.

Be energetic, use different materials and get creative!


The Magic Faraway Tree colouring page


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch colouring page

Roald Dahl’s The Twits


Giggle and gasp at the antics of Mr and Mrs Twit, a hideous and hilarious couple who love to play nasty pranks on each other and their pet monkey, Muggle-Wump. Glass eyeball in your drink anyone? How about worm spaghetti made with real worms? And bird pie made with real … you get it. Ugghh! Luckily, when Mr Twit tries to create the world’s first Great Upside Down Monkey Circus, the Twits get a dose of their own nasty medicine.

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The Twits dancing on stage.
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