Accessible Performances

Tim Bray Theatre Company is committed to making theatre accessible to all.

In 2020 we were awarded the Arts Access Creative New Zealand Arts For All Award 2020 for over 15 years of commitment to accessible theatre.

We offer accessible performances to all our productions, these include Audio Described performances with touch tours, New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Interpreted and Sensory Relaxed performances.

We aim to make all of our performances accessible to everyone, and anyone is welcome to attend any performance.

We also offer discount price access tickets to Deaf, disabled, and nuerodivergent audience members.

If you have access needs we can help you with, or have questions about the venue or the performance, please get in touch. You can email info@timbray.org.nz or call us at 09 486 2261.

NZ Sign Language Interpreted

For NZSL interpreted performances a trained interpreter, situated on the side or centre of the stage, interprets the dialogue during the performance using New Zealand Sign Language. The actors perform in spoken English while the interpreter performs a translation of the songs and dialogue. 

NZSL interpretation allows the whole audience, both Deaf and hearing, to enjoy the show in their preferred language. TBTC was the first theatre company in New Zealand to offer NZSL interpreted performance, and we have welcomed Deaf children and their families to enjoy the magic of theatre since 2004.

Discount price access tickets are available to Deaf audience members for NZSL interpreted shows. 

We offer an NZSL interpreted Deaf Stage Experience for some shows and usually for Deaf school groups. Before, or after the show, Deaf children and their teachers and caregivers are invited to meet the actors, ask questions, or join us on stage to explore the props, set, costumes, instruments, and more. No additional cost.


2023 Shows

To book the Deaf Stage Experience, please email info@timbray.org.nz or call 09 486 2261 using NZ Relay.  

Roald Dahl’s The Twits 

The PumpHouse Theatre:Saturday 7 October 10:30am  

*+ 11:30am Deaf Stage Experience after show

Due Drop Events Centre: Thursday 12 October 10:30am*


The Santa Claus Show ‘23 

The PumpHouse Theatre: Saturday 2 December 5pm, Wednesday 6 December 10:30am* and Saturday 16 December 10:30am 

*+ 11:30am Deaf Stage Experience after show


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Audio Described

Audio description is a narration service provided that describes what the sighted person takes for granted – those images that a person who is blind or visually impaired formerly could only experience through the whispered asides from a sighted companion.

Theatregoers are issued with headsets and sit in the auditorium with the headphone in one ear, listening to the description alongside the show. Discounted price access tickets are available to blind and low vision patrons for our AD shows. 

We also offer Touch Tours before our shows. These allow blind or low vision patrons the opportunity to get up close with elements of the production. The theatregoer is guided around and invited to touch the set and props and meet the cast before the show. 

Touch Tours begin one hour before the performance. Patrons will be taken from the theatre foyer and guided on the stage for the tour, which lasts approximately 40 minutes. After the tour, headsets will be distributed and patrons will be shown to their seats. 

Guide dogs are welcome at all the theatres. 


2023 Shows

Roald Dahl’s The Twits 

The PumpHouse Theatre: Saturday 7 October at 1pm + Touch Tour at 12 noon 

Māngere Arts Centre: Wednesday 18 October 10:30am + Touch Tour at 9:30am 


The Santa Claus Show ‘23 

The PumpHouse Theatre: Tuesday 5 December 1pm + Touch Tour at 12 noon andSaturday 16 December 1pm + Touch Tour at 12 noon  


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Booking Headset

To reserve headsets for a performance or request descriptive notes or an accessible programme, please email gail@timbray.org.nz or phone 09 486 2261 during office hours

Descriptive Notes

Descriptive notes provide a description of the characters, the set, and a summary of the show including visual moments. Also available is an accessible programme, compatible with screen readers or portable Braille devices. These may be helpful for blind and low vision viewers for shows when audio description is not available.

These resources will be available here for download two days before the first performance of the season, or can be requested via phone or email.

Roald Dahl’s The Twits Accessible Programme
Roald Dahl’s The Twits Descriptive Notes

Sensory Relaxed

A sensory relaxed performance creates a less formal, supportive atmosphere in the theatre.

The plot, characters, and story are unchanged from our standard performances. Instead, we soften some technical elements and offer support resources to enable neurodivergent children and their family with sensory, movement, communication, and learning needs to enjoy a comfortable and inclusive theatre experience. 

Check out our resources page for help with your sensory relaxed visit to the theatre, including FAQs, show specific resources, and our welcome video. Discount price access tickets are available for autistic and neurodivergent patrons for our SR show. 

The pre-show introduction begins 15 minutes before the show. It’s a chance to meet the characters, learn about the story, check out technical elements like lighting and sound, and hear about surprises in the show. Along with our online resources, the pre-show introduction helps audiences know what to expect so they can customise their experience. 


2023 Shows

Roald Dahl’s The Twits  

Pre-show introduction begins 10:15am at all theatres. 

The PumpHouse Theatre: Monday 2 October 10.30am 

Due Drop Events Centre: Wednesday 11 October 10.30am (schools only)

Māngere Arts Centre: Thursday 19 October 10.30am (schools only) 


The Santa Claus Show ’23  

The PumpHouse Theatre: Thursday 7 December 10.30am (schools only) and Monday 18 December 10.30am. Pre-show introduction begins 10:15am. 


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Help with your Sensory Relaxed visit

We have the following tools to help with your Sensory Relaxed visit:

  • A detailed Story Summary document complete with photos from our dress rehearsal. It will give you an advanced inside look at what will happen on the stage during the show.
  • Meet the Team document which introduces the actors and crew. It has photos of the performers and the characters they play, and the crew and the jobs they perform in the theatre.
  • We will introduce you to the team before you attend the show.
  • You can also book a familiarisation visit to the theatre. If you’d like to find out more please email katie@timbray.org.nz or phone 09 486 2261 during office hours.

The Story Summary and Meet the Team documents for your show will be available about one week before the sensory relaxed performance. In the meantime, check out these tools below from past shows, along with our FAQs and the rest of our resources, to know what to expect.


Help with developing your own Sensory Relaxed performances

Our mission is to provide accessible theatre to children of all backgrounds and abilities.

We’re delighted to freely share this Sensory Relaxed Performance Handbook resource with companies, schools, theatres and creatives who share this mission.

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