Mary Amoore Gift a Seat® Scholarships 

Mary Amoore Gift a Seat® Scholarships provide a free term of Youth Theatre classes or free enrolment in a Hit the Stage! school holiday programme for families in times of hardship.

Who is Mary Amoore?

Mary Amoore, QSM (1920-2010) established the Auckland Youth Theatre in 1977, after setting up one of Aotearoa’s first professional theatre venues, Central Theatre, in the 1960-70’s.

Tim Bray, QSM was one of Mary’s early students at AYT, and Mary taught and inspired him all through his teenage years, eventually giving Tim Bray his first professional acting job in the Theatredays performing in a schools programme in 1985.

Mary trained so many Auckland children and young people in her classes and performances and instilled in them a love of theatre. Other notable industry professionals in New Zealand tutored by her at AYT include actors Joel Tobeck, Todd Rippon, Mark Wright, Liz Mullane (now casting director for Sir Peter Jackson), Sam Scott, MNZM (Artistic Director of Massive Company), and Christian Penny (former Director Toi Whakaari/NZ Drama School).

We are proud to continue her legacy through these scholarships.

You can apply for a Mary Amoore Gift a Seat® Scholarship online.

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