Greedy Cat – Online Education Edition

Bring the magic of a live stage show into your classroom and delight your students with the antics of Greedy Cat and his family. 

Greedy Cat – Online features nine stories by acclaimed New Zealand author Joy Cowley that have become a core pillar of early reading. Children from all over the country are familiar with cheeky Greedy Cat and his adventures. Greedy Cat – Online is a fresh way to connect with these charming stories and inspire a love of reading and learning.

We have four versions of Greedy Cat – Online available, our standard version, an Open Captioned version, an NZSL version and an Audio Described version. 

All education editions come with a downloadable Education Resource Guide, packed full of activities and ideas to help you make the most of this experience. Combine the show with your student’s literacy programme, or consider the ideas to bring Greedy Cat to life in your school or childcare centre community.

Schools Education Resource Guide sample
Early Childhood Education Resource Guide sample

Once you purchase access you will have 7 days to view Greedy Cat – Online as many times as you wish. 
When you are ready to purchase, simply click the button of the edition you wish to purchase to go through to checkout. 

Have streaming or access questions? Our Greedy Cat – Online FAQs might answer these.

How long is access for? Access is for 7 days from the time of purchase.

How many times can we view the show during our access?  The show can be accessed as many times as required for the length of access. Please note however, that only one device can access your account at any one time. To watch on a new device, Log Out of the account and Log In on the new device you would like to watch on.

Can we access the show from multiple devices?  Yes. Each access purchase is linked to the account created at the time of purchase. Your account and chosen video can be accessed as many times as required for the length of access across multiple devices. Please note however, that only one device can access your account at any one time.

What is the difference between the different versions of the show?  We have four different versions of our online show available.
Standard version
Open – Captioned version has English captions of the show’s dialogue and lyrics at the bottom of the screen.
NZSL version has a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter in the corner of the screen. interpreting the dialogue and lyrics for D/deaf and NZSL users.
Audio Described version has commentary of the visual action that is happening on screen, in addition to the show’s music and dialogue, for blind and visually impaired viewers.

Do we need any special software to view the show?  The show is played via a web browser by accessing the account set up at the time of purchase, you do not need any special software to view it.

Which stories are included in the show?  Greedy Cat – Online is based on nine of Joy Cowley’s early ready Greedy Cat books:

Greedy Cat Is Hungry
What Does Greedy Cat Like?
Along Came Greedy Cat
Greedy Cat and the Sneeze
Greedy Cat’s Door
Greedy Cat and the Goldfish
Lunch for Greedy Cat
Greedy Cat and the Birthday Cake
Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show

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