Roald Dahl’s The Twits

Adapted for the stage by Tim Bray

16 Sept – 28 Oct 2023

Created for Ages: 5 – 10

Run Time: 50 mins

Auckland Regional Tour

This show has passed and tickets are no longer available.

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A witty, twitty Roald Dahl creation

Roald Dahl continues to delight readers of all ages, and now Tim Bray Theatre company brings this iconic story to you live on stage!

Giggle and gasp at the antics of Mr and Mrs Twit, a hideous and hilarious couple who love to play nasty pranks on each other and their pet monkey, Muggle-Wump. Glass eyeball in your drink anyone? How about worm spaghetti made with real worms? And bird pie made with real … you get it. Ugghh! Luckily, when Mr Twit tries to create the world’s first Great Upside Down Monkey Circus, the Twits get a dose of their own nasty medicine.

A brilliantly entertaining show for Roald Dahl fans of all ages.

Review: “Full of trickery and mean tricks, but spinning a positive message to children about how to live your life with kindness – congratulations to Tim Bray for his ingenious adaptation and direction of this iconic story by Roald Dahl. Known as Auckland’s leading theatre for children and for creative interpretation, this is truly children’s theatre at its finest.”
Glenda Pearce, Broadway World, 17 Sept 2023

Review:“Children’s theatre deserves to be this well thought out, not only because kids will spot a lack of authenticity from a mile away, but also because it is this early access to quality theatre that will expand the hearts and minds of the next generation.
Tim Bray Theatre Company have successfully captured the fun of The Twits. The ugliness, playfulness, rambunctiousness, and the delightful wickedness of the main characters that has continued to draw fascination since the story was first published in 1980.”

Erin O’Flaherty, Red Raven News, 18 Sept 2023

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